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Balassi Institute

The Balassi Institute︎supports the culture and language of Hungary throughout the world. Its main objectives are to project an image of the country based on quality and to foster cultural exchange.

To celebrate the music and the birthday of French composer Claude Debussy, the Institute held live concerts at its cultural centre in Bucharest.

We were commissioned to promote the event with material that would attract traditional classic music lovers and newcomers alike.

Creative Direction



Based on the Institute’s creative brief, we looked for typefaces that would tie the design back to the era in which Claude Debussy lived.

With Louize, a contemporary reinterpretation of an Art Noveau typeface by french designer Matthieu Cortat, we had a match.

The centerpiece of the campaign was a concert poster that would transform into a three-dimensional animation. Using the AR application Artivive, it invited the viewer on a journey to the moon.

We also produced postcards so that people could take the AR experience home with them.

Photos by NASA Archive︎ Balassi Institute, Mihai Petre

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