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Glitch – The Art of Interference

Pinakothek der Moderne
A glitch is the unexpected result of a malfunction that occurs in computer games as well as other digital software, including video and audio. In the art context, glitch finds its immediate expression in the field of computer-generated imagery, the digital and net art.

serious play was fortunate to win the pitch to create the communication campagin for the exhibition spanning from printed matter, social media to out-of-home and the exhibition catalogue.

Curator: Dr. Franziska Kunze
Assistant Curator: Katrin Bauer
Marketing Team: Bianca Henze, Charlotte Neugebauer, Verena Sanladerer

Visual Identity & Catalogue: Lucas Hesse︎︎︎ Manuel Radde︎︎︎ David Löwe

Exhibition campaign


Printed Matter

Book Design

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