Digital prison
Prototyping Robyn Travis’ novel into an immersive mobile experience

Bastei Lübbe

Design Sprint

We were very fortunate to collaborate with Bastei Lübbe, one of the largest publishing houses in Germany, and their digital storytelling venture oolipo. 
We worked in-house along the core team and breathe new life into a stalling production pipeline to turn the aquired content into engaging mobile stories.

We initiated a design sprint during which we developed a concept for the novel »Mama can’t raise no Man« written by Robyn Travis.

Once we’ve decided for a concept we started the production; recording different voices, collecting footage, creating a playlist and validating various UI and UX routes.
Working well within the five days sprint we gathered existing material from The Guardian’s 6×9 solitary confinement project︎created by The Mill.

With the prototype ready we began testing with a variety of users and collected valuable feedback for interation.


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