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Eichwald, MdB

Kundschafter Filmproduktion

Hajo Eichwald is a mainstay of the German political scene. He has represented Bochum’s second district in the federal parliament for 20 years. Yet over his long political career, he has lost not only his good looks but also most of his ambition. He’s simply content to stay where he is: somewhere close to the top but with no plans to climb further.


Title Design

Design Direction


Prop Making

Concept, Script and Showrunner: Stefan Stuckmann
Director: Fabian Möhrke
Camera: Timon Schäppi
Production Design: Myrna Drews
Costume Design: Lena Nienaber
Hair and Makeup Design: Dörte Dobkowitz
Sound: Magnus Pflüger
Composer: Anton Feist & Uwe Bossenz
Editor: Thomas Krause


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