Where God likes to be
A poem of rhythm, space and time from the Blackfeet reservation to the world

Counterfilm Production

Art Direction
Packaging Design

The documentary Where God likes to be directed by Anna and Nicolas Hudak focuses on three young protagonists full of hope and promise. It follows them over the course of a summer that marks a turning point in all of their lives.

To reflect the purity and calmness of the film, we opted for a muted design with naturalistic drawings of some of the movie scenes.

To add some visual spontaneity, we asked Anna Hudak to write the captions by hand – balancing the understated packaging with the lively elements of a road trip scrapbook.
We also created icons for the website︎ and a clean DVD menu that stayed true to the film’s quiet beauty.

Photos by Nicolas Hudak︎Heath Korvola︎


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